It might save my marriage

Sometimes there are periods in your life where it feels like the bad stuff just won’t stop going on.

It’s these times that I have to work really difficult to maintain the sort of perspective that will allow me to push through the worst of cases.

I find that while in hard times, there are also these big rays of sunshine in addition to strength. They often come in the form of buddies in addition to a family support network. This time, for me, it came in the form of short term housing. I have found a bit of luck in the fact that I can get a chance to reset now that I am able to secure short term rental housing. So, my marriage has fallen apart. My wife in addition to I just are the good partnership that we were. Perhaps though we just grew apart or maybe it’s a perspective thing. Ultimately, it just didn’t work with me at the house. However, we are in counseling in addition to honestly working on it. So, I didn’t want to sign some year long lease only to have things task out. Hence, the sticky situation that I find myself in. But, I have been able to move to a furnished house that is also a short term house rental. It allows my wife and I the needed space to acquire some perspective to see where every one of us go from here. Yet, with the short term house rental, I am also able to have some flexibility. Now is not the time to make any more updates than are definitely necessary. It’s not a great situation in addition to in lots of ways it’s awful for my partner in addition to for myself. But there is consistently hope in addition to short term house rental is a good thing.

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