I had to take care of the ADA upgrades when tenant complained

The court made me take care of everything in the apartment that was not up to ADA code.

I dislike having a renter that constantly grumbles! For the past year, I have been engaged in a court battle with a single one of the residents that lives in my apartment building. I own this apartment building, however my dad provided me the piece of property as a present for my 30th birthday. The apartment building is directly across the street from a park and it has various units. The apartments on the bottom floor have various bedrooms each. The second floor and higher apartments all have a single bedroom in each of them. I moved a new renter into a single one of the various apartments. The lady and her bestie have more than a few kids to look after. Things were perfectly alright when they moved into the apartment! A month after they signed the lease, they started to grumble about the apartment. They made a single request after another. Some items I repaired and others I flat-out refused to take care of. The renter moved into the building knowing that the cabinets and counters were cracked and chipped… When I started to refuse some of the requests, the renter got the court involved. She filed a lawsuit against me for not providing ADA compliant upgrades in the apartment. The court made me take care of everything in the apartment that was not up to ADA code. I was basically forced to hire a general contractor to take care of all of the ADA upgrades. The general contractor that I hired was familiar with ADA upgrades. The girl completed all of the construction work in a few days. I’m glad that the contractor was cheerful to give us a fantastic deal on the services.

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