Getting a UV-light air purifier for the air handler

Like most of us, the pandemic situation has made myself and others ponder consistently about our and our families’ health.

  • Of course, like most other people, both of us are doing whatever both of us can to avoid the virus or at least stop the spread as much as possible.

I’m working from the heating and A/C comfort of my home. However, my wife has resumed working in her retail position. Her supplier has gone out of their way to ensure the air filtration for the heating and A/C is doing all it can to give the most safe environment. Once I heard about my wife’s situation and the new air filtration for the heating and A/C, it got myself and others to think as well. Working from home, which it appears will be a long term situation, means I’m in my home nearly all the time. I entirely hadn’t given the indoor air quality of our home much thought. The only time I considered it was when the cooking or pet stinks hung in the air. But with the pandemic once again surging across the country, I wanted to do all I could to protect and improve our indoor air quality. The HEPA type air filter was my first step. But, I wanted to be even more proactive. So, I have stressed the heating and A/C people to install a whole home UV air purifier. This goes into the air handler of the heating and A/C and uses high intensity UV light to destroy the DNA of airborne contaminants. Now, I know that our home has the best indoor air quality and the heating and A/C combo I have in the locale works actively to mitigate the presence of the virus.

HVAC worker